Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Freedom has been moved to Advanced

I am talking about the new chapter of FOSS-Nepal has been established in the Advanced College of Engineering And Management.
Yesterday (December 2, 2008) I, Jitendra & Kailash has given presentation on FOSS introduction in the college. There were Department Head of Electronics and Computer department, teachers and more than 80 students from first to fourth year present in the presentation. The presentation was all about FOSS introduction,why we need it?, what are the available FOSS? and all. Teachers and students were enthusiastic to know about FOSS. They put on lots of questions about it.
Finally we had a talk with Head of Department of Electronics and Computer Department. He was very positive towards our motive. We were pleased to know that their server was in Linux and some labs do have Linux in their computers.
He promised us to install Linux in most of their computers.

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