Thursday, November 27, 2008

FOSS Nepal SFD 2008 - competition winners!!!

FOSS Nepal has won the best SFD 2008 award. Its the second time in row, we are awarded best SFD.Its all hard work and efforts of the volunteers that make it possible. I would like to appreciate Bibek Paudel for his impressive report.

SFD (Software Freedom Day) is world wide celebration of Free and Open Source Software that is celebrated every year on third Saturday of the September. It was celebrated on the 20th September this year. Over 500 teams in almost 90 countries has celebrated SFD this year.

The theme “Create, Share, Collaborate” was chosen for this year's SFD.
If you have missed it, you can have a glance of it here.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Installing Grub From Linux Live CD

Actually one of the frequently asked questions to me is grub problem. It is the solution to Linux users who get grub error or whose Linux boot option disappears.


  • When you install Windows after installing Linux. Because grub installed at MBR is overwritten by the Windows MBR ( without considering the other OS)
  • Some time grub file get corrupted
  • You add the new hard disk then mounting point might change
  1. Boot From Linux Live CD (Ubuntu or some other distro)
  2. Go to Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal
  3. Type sudo grub you will prompted to grub prompt
  4. Type "find /boot/grub/stage1" at grub prompt it will return hd?,? where '?' = 0 - 9
  5. Now type root (hd?,?)
  6. Then type setup (hd?)
  7. Finally quit and then reboot

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The init Magazine Issue #2 released

Second issue of The init magazine has been released on 15th of Nov. Issues of the magazine is released on 15th of every month according to English calendar.
It is published by the IOE FOSS Community.

You can grab your copy from

You can download the older versions too from

Please send your articles/suggestion at

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Release Party

Nov. 10, 2008

Here releases next version of freedom, Ubuntu marks its 8.10 version named “Intrepid Ibex”. Ubuntu Release its newer version on April and October and the newer version was released on 31st October.
IOE-FOSS community has organised the Ubuntu release party on November 9 in the local premises of the pulchowk college.

Programme started at around 4:30 as scheduled. Party was joined by the students of Pulchowk college, Informatics College, and people from FOSS Nepal community.
Bibek Shrestha, one of the member of IOE FOSS community started the talk on Ubuntu Relase and its features.

We also have the words from sponser, Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd.(website) and Ankur Sharma, a member of FOSS Nepal Community.

We have the warm coffee and cookies (not the one that is stored in browsers) and informal talk to different peoples present there.
First 10 people registered were awarded with the free CD Ubuntu 8.10. Finally we had the candlelight vigil, candles were arranged to form logo of Ubuntu. The candle were lightening brighter to mark the bright future of Ubuntu and FOSS.

Programme was concluded with the lucky draw for the 10 lucky people to get the key ring engraved with Ubuntu-np.
Truly said by Jwalanta, release party was as good as the new version of Ubuntu!