Sunday, January 23, 2011

Facebook applications saying "Who viewed your profile?" are fake

It has been few days, I am seeing many of my friends applications, that are claiming to show who has viewed your profiles along with the statistics how many times they have visited it. Also few facebook apps says that, there are total this much of views out which this much is visited by male and female. All such applications are fake and they have been spamming.

According to the official FAQ of, it clearly states that facebook does allow any such information to any application. If any application claims it, will be banned if report it to facebook.

Please find, Official URL of Facebook FAQ page

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Microsoft Office Background Image Tiled While Printing Problem [SOLVED]

I had never thought that it would take my complete day to put a background image in word. Initially, I have used background image, everything looked well and fine. I got into trouble when I printed it to PDF, using PDF printer. I saw background image is tiled.

I goggled it, saw many people having same problem. I have gone through many posts, but had no luck to solve this.

Finally, I found work around for it. Here it goes.

1. Insert > Header > Edit Header, cursor will appear in your header section.
2. In Tool Bar, you will see "Picture" icon, click on it and select the background you wanted to put.
3. Then go to "Text Wrap", choose "Behind the text".
4. Now adjust the background image, according to your need.


Now you can print it, it will be same as what you see.